need advice on mixing for orchestral tracks

hi, I just mixed my music with 3 different methods. Which track do you think sounds clear and warm?

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Hello! Hard to decide which one is better, they are very similar, all three tracks sound muddy, with booming low mids and strangled highs, also there is something wrong with balance of instruments. But the instruments themselfs are very good, looks like you use some expensive vst libraries there, it’s cool!

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Great job!

The first mix sounds the best to me, although the high mids seem to be scooped out a bit too much. The bass drum is the only thing that sticks out, it needs to have more attack/presence, otherwise it sounds like rumbling background noise.

Keep up the great work!

  • Nathan
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thanks for your feedback. I always love writing music, but always stuck when mixing. Recently I started to learn it again. For Libraries I used action strikes and EW.
and with your advice, I just added a new track, it’s been tried to be improved as well as possible. I think this is the sound I’m looking for. Thanks mate

Thank you buddy. I will try to apply your advice to my track. I think so too, but I just learned mixing. Sometimes it’s still confusing to spotting eq

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Good morning,

You’re definitely making progress!

A few things, the sustained A throughout the beginning of the track isn’t going to fly. Also the consistently delayed articulation and gaps in the melody line starting from :45 is problematic for me. If you want to have some instruments mirror the lead in that way it’s fine, but have something more on the beat to keep the melody in time, maybe have brass do one and strings the other.

Also the drums are still going full at 2:06, where you should probably be backing them off or at least changing them.

Good luck!

  • Nathan