I need help on this track

Hello, my fellow musicians! I find myself really struggle to do the mixing on this type of music since this is not the type of music I usually make. It’s cinematic/dramatic music, I tried to do the proper imaging and clarity from that one. Please if could tell me about the mix, is it ‘audible’ enough for the listener? I’m still learning and learning… Thank you so much!

Music Link Preview: http://bit.ly/DemiseCinematic

The volume of the instruments is bad.
Bad choice of libraries sound. Not very realistic.

thanks for the feedback, appreciate it. yeah i got some limitation on the musical aids (sounds library, hardware, plugins, etc), since I’m a beginner music ‘producer’ and still saving some bucks to get proper tools. and uh, I was trying to do the best from very basic sounds library. but yeah, I agree i guess i’ll stick with my casual EDM stuff :slight_smile:

Why your “Orchestra” is in one place in the panorama? Why the violins playing at the same volume ? there’s a piano there? Take better balance of volume and pan. Imagine that you are the “conductor” standing in front of the musicians. As you can hear them?



It´s good to explore new styles, but i think is better focus at the beginning in the style you feel more comfortable.

very nice! thank you for the advice and the visualisation. This gonna helping me a lot. :slight_smile:
Yeah, I really appreciate it, since I’m also a beginner in music production. Well, I still got lot of things to fix before jump up to this further stage.

yeah, I also agree with your opinion. It was just the moment i found my self diving to that music style too deeply. thanks for your suggestion, really appreciate it!


I listened to your track and noted the following points:

  1. The mix suffers from way too much compression / limiting which is always a problem in the loudness war which leads to instrumentation fighting to be heard with clarity. >br>
  2. Choice of sounds is poor which is crucial in this genre.
  3. Arrangement lacks authenticity and interest.

Hey, thanks for coming over to this thread. in this case, I totally agree with you. I’m aware about the mix was actually has no clear dynamics and i put the compression way too much. The instrument’s sound also was “terrible” as i didn’t really meant to make that track over AJ. so, i guess i’ve already got my lists to tackle up some problems for future production :slight_smile:
thanks again, good luck for the sale!