Need a word press template that has a members area & a store

Hi Everyone.

I’m looking for help selecting a word press template that has a clean look and has the following capabilities:

  1. Members are with login. We need the Members area to be able to select which parts are open to non-paying members vs paid members. The member’s area will house digital content. Also, it would need to be segmented into different levels for paid members like Silver, gold package etc…

  2. A clean landing page like

  3. Application Area

  4. Newsletter sign up

  5. Store for digital products

Can anyone help guide me?

Thanks for your help. - Tim


Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.

Take a look on this page spend sometime to find out your chosen item.


Thank you very much!

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If you are looking for custom solution I can build one for you.


I think we will be going the custom route. We are looking to get a site done similar to

Tim Peffer

(link removed)

You can hire someone who can help you to complete your custom site what you want.