Looking for a wordpress theme with some options

Hello Guys,
I am new in here. I am looking for a wordpress theme, something that has following features.

Have public and private posts which are available for registered users only.
Website Registration with payment options
Login portal
Custom Order forms
Easily customizable
Please mention the ones which are available online (Paid/Free).

Heya @raahima!

So firstly welcome to Envato :grinning:!

It sounds like you’re looking at building a blogging/ ecommerce theme with a login process…

I think you’ll probably be able to accomplish what you’re looking to build with a combination of a WordPress theme and plugins… You might start with a blogging-ecommerce theme like this one:

… And then customise it a little further with some plugins to get the registration, login portal and order forms…

If you can detail a little bit more about what you’re looking to build, we can probably help point you in better directions :slight_smile:

I might tag in @baileyherbert who knows a little more about the plugin space than I do. Happy to be corrected on the above :slight_smile:

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Yes, @matthewcoxy is correct, you can find a good theme and use plugins to extend its functionality as required.

What you’re probably looking for is a WooCommerce theme like the one Matt posted above. There’s almost a thousand of them available here, so feel free to search for a design you like: https://themeforest.net/category/wordpress/ecommerce/woocommerce

This is what your typical checkout page contains (design varies by theme):

WooCommerce allows you to configure payment methods and optionally require registration on checkout. These themes ship with login and “my account” pages.

As for “have public and private posts which are available for registered users only,” you can achieve this with a plugin. For example, here’s a good one from CodeCanyon:

Lastly, the “custom order form” is a little more tricky. If you can explain in more detail how you want that to work, we can point you in the right direction. :slight_smile:


First of all thank you so much @matthewcoxy and @baileyherbert for all the help :smiley: this means a lot.
Okay, let me give you guys a little more detail about the website. I want to have articles to help people who are about to get married, some of them will be public and some will be private which can be accessed by members only. Ideally, there should be a registration page to become a member which has couple options like monthly /half yearly subscription with payment options like you order through any e-commerce website.
Other than that there will a page where you can order a subscription box, that’s why I need a custom form, something like https://www.typeform.com/ there will also be other products to shop (nothing complicated) and all that a person orders should go in the cart.
I’ll have more pages but they are not critical so I don’t think they will be a problem.
I’m just not sure how can I bind all these things altogether.

Ah, I see.

For a subscription it’s a bit different. You still need to find a WooCommerce theme that you like on the market, but there’s different plugins involved for subscriptions.

These two plugins work together perfectly (same authors) to create subscriptions on a WooCommerce theme and restrict pages or content to only users with active subscriptions:

The custom form is going to be either easy or expensive to do, depending on the options it will contain.

WooCommerce has a feature called “variable products” (which can be turned into subscriptions using the plugin above) that will present your users with options on the product (think “shirt size” or “color” for example). Selecting different options can result in different pricing, effectively letting them customize the subscription/product to their liking. This is built-in functionality and requires no extra plugins.

If you need something more advanced than that, you’re looking at custom development which will raise your costs a bit. You can try and find a developer that Envato has vetted at Envato Studio who is willing to customize WooCommerce as necessary for you.

Once you install your theme on WordPress, you can then simply upload the plugin files and activate them, and everything will come together. The themes and plugins might have some setup steps for you to follow, but they will include detailed instructions in their downloads.

P.S. Both plugins above, and all themes on the market, have live demos you can try. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! I’ll try these out. :slight_smile:

One more questions will I be able to keep some articles private for members only who subscribe to the website?

*nvm just saw I can, that’s great!

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