Looking for membership script with client area

Hi There

Im not totally sure what I need for my project… a shopping cart or a membership program or both. I am however leaning towards a wordpress solution unless I can get an “out of the box - all in one” standalone solution.

I sell a subscription service that a customer may purchase more than one of and also has to register their details at the same time.

I need a site where people purchase my product via a registration form, stating how many items they need, and then are redirected to a private page for that user that will have another form for more details.

I need a “membership level” type arrangement where everyone at that member level sees all the info, but also need a “client area” type place where the clinet can log into and view their invoices as well as receive reports from me that are to be viewed by them only.

I am not sure how to tie all these features together.

I have had a look at a few scripts like:
Ultimate Membership Pro
WP Membership
PrivateContent - This is a front runner at the moment as it seems to have most of the client area page requirements, but I am unsure how to tie in a way to pay for the subscriptions.

If anyone has any recommendations on these, or any other scripts, I would love the input. Whether it is that you have used it and it is good/bad or how to implement the features I need.

Also, I can do with recommendations for a theme that may suit this well.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Maybe to take plugin which is the best for you and customize that plugin.

Thanks Zaccc

Im trying to work out which one is best for me so I can do that.

You can contact me here and tell me more details what you have made so far.

did you have something more to offer?

I have send you link for contact form and we can discuss private not over public forum.

Restrict Content Pro is amazing for that work. :slight_smile:

If I go down the path of needing more than advice i will consider contacting you. Thanks