Looking for CMS website with subscription option.

I want to be able to buy a “stand-alone” program / script which will allow me to do the following. I am hoping this is “general enough” that an existing product already exists.

  1. Needs to be able to easily edit several pages which will display well on desktop and mobile devices.
  2. Needs to be able to accept donations and/or subscription.
  3. I need to have a list (email address and amount) of any donations / subscriptions
  4. Ideally donors / subscribers can get access to donor / subscription only pages. This is desirable but not essential.

I would have thought this would be a fairly common “club website” type product but I cannot find anything on here that would do the job.

If any author knows their script will do the job, please tell me and I will probably end up buying it providing the “extended” version (which I guess any subscription / donation package has to be if a member pays a donation) is not too expensive. If a regular licence is allowed for donations and not subscriptions, I can work with that.

And see if that narrows down your search

Thank you.

There are a couple which look promising (CMS Pro especially), but I cannot see any online documentation in the demos - so unless it comes with a decent PDF manual, I am not sure if I would be able to use it.

Demo shows animated text “floating” over a background image and looks awesome - but when I look at a page editor, it is not all the clear how to achieve those effects.

I have asked however if there is a manual suitable for complete noobs like me to be able to use. The CMS programs seem to be VERY comprehensive but I also need it to be simple enough for me to use.

I can create awesome looking documents in WordPerfect - but not so sure about this one :slight_smile:

My best advice for you @GuyMarkT is to look at the feedback and comments on whatever type of script you might think of choosing in the end. There are loads of scripts on Envato and when I select something, I tend to crawl through the comments sections, feedback and then examine the script as best as I can to see if it will be suitable for what I am looking for.

I’ve yet to find a manual that describes everything I want to know :slight_smile: so unless you take a punt, or are willing to learn then don’t expect to find something that fits the precise requirements you are looking for.

WordPerfect ! With CMS you need to learn how websites work. They are nothing like Word Documents, and albeit I get what you have said about how great you can create awesome documents on that, you need to think BIGGER LOL - take care and best wishes.

Thanks for the comments.

Thing is, I have seen (a long time ago) a CMS that really was so simple even people like me could use it. It really was intuitive and easy.

The problem with most of the things here is that people can write great code but then they lose interest when it comes to writing something approaching a basic PDF type manual.

I have read the reviews of the two bits of software that seem most suitable - but in both cases is seems there is no manual - and that many people are complaining that support is lacking.

Again in both cases there seems to be a lot of “it’s incredible, truly brilliant, best ever software, how can you do it for the price, this is the best software writer in the history of the world” - but once you ignore those, it seems that documentation seems to be an issue with a LOT of scripts.

I don’t mind paying a fair price for software, I just do not understand why someone will spend hundreds (or thousands) of hours coding - and then assume because THEY know how it works, that everyone else will.

As for “learning how websites work”, the reason I want CMS is because I want a simple “drag/drop/type” effort. Tha’t what I want to pay for.

I HAVE written in HTML in the (far distant) past, just as I have written arcade games in assembler. Other times you do not need that level of code purity and you simply want a “fast & ugly” system which does the drudge for you.

But it’s still nice to have a manual.

You may narrow down the search & if you still couldn’t find out the appropriate script then i can custom script the subscriptions option with any of your CMS website
Drop me an email via my envato profile and discuss more so we could proceed next