My404 HTML5 template got hard rejected! Need Help!


My 404 HTML5 Error Page template got hard rejected.
Please give me suggestion to improve my current template.

Our Review team also provided these comments:

Your item does not provide the necessary design quality for this category. As higher quality items become available in the marketplace, approval requirements will increase to maintain appropriate marketplace quality.While I’d be able to provide feedback as to how to get this approved, I can only do after it has crossed a certain threshold, quality wise. I’m sorry to say this isn’t there yet.

Here is my 404 template link


You need to work a lot in it!

The typography,color combinations ,spacing, the background images are not high resolution and overall not premium.
Also its not HTML5!

Redesign it!

Good Day Ahead ! :blush:


Hi parag150k,

Thanks for feedback. May i know why it is ot HTML5? Something i have configure or do wrong?



at all its very simple and you totally need to more work on typography


Yes, u used div all the way. Use of header, footer and other html5 tags properly is required!
Go through some articles it won’t take long!

Also your design collapse if javascript is turned off . Add fallbacks !

Design is where you need to focus it has some serious issues which i pointed out above.

Good day!


Thanks all for reply. Appreciated.
have a nice day


Sorry , my bad . Its not high quality !

Try out free to use images from unsplash or pixabay!