My work has hard reject. Please, help.

Hi. My name is Vlad. I am young author in ThemeForest. I maked HtmlTemplate. Link . My work has hard reject. Can you help me, what should i improve? Thank you!

Low design quality. You need a lot’s of work to make it better.

I am sorry but you will have to make something much, much better to get approved. Spend more time learning about web design, take a good look at some recent popular items submitted on ThemeForest as well as some deign showcase websites like Dribbble. You need to get more experience before you try to submit an item here.


Sorry for I say you that your themes html is too basic and ugly design (typography, spacing, etc) you need learning better your design, you can follow, dribbble, etc for give ideas as creative but you don’t can copy design same styles (button, colors, etc). if you don’t know how use it, please you can use a notebook and pencil for draw any wireframe you can give some ideas later you can save a camera you draw for photoshop for design as you want later you can convert to html/css/js as you wish, regards.

Below my example wireframe (my draw) as my idea.

(please you don’t copy my idea)