My website template got rejected

I add my zip file, add images correct format and correct size. Add description tags end all things, but my project rejected. Say “unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required” and I want to know what I did wrong? How can I correct and again upload?

Your design is simply not good enough. Weak typography, very generic layout and no attention to details. Please take a look at some recent bestseller templates to get an idea about the required quality level:

Also, I do not recommend to host it on a free hosting. It looks unprofessional and in case you will get approved in the future, free hosting may not handle the number of visitors coming from ThemeForest very well.

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I see many templates, and there are not good, not creative, not bieautiful but there upload in themeforest. But my template rejected. It is simple small template

If you are going to steal other peoples’ work you could at least take the other author and item’s details out of it!

Disgusting behaviour - you are just wasting the reviewer’s, other envato members, and your own time.

If you can’t write your own code then this not the right place for you to be trying to sell items


There are thousands of templates on ThemeForest, so you are telling me you’ve seen all of them and all of them are “not good, not creative, not beautiful”?

Anyway, since you’ve been busted thanks to Charlie, it doesn’t really matter.
BTW, if you are going to steal someone else’s work, at least make it better, not worse.

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I have a question for you. how did you find the template where he stole from? Did you search the whole marketplace for It :joy::joy::joy::clap::clap:? I’m just interested.

Thank you

There are various ways in which reviewers can identify this type of thing. As with other marketplace security measures, envato doesn’t share the processes (for obvious reasons).

Aside from anything more sophisticated, in this case the original author and item details were left unchanged on the page, making it fairly easy to spot.

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