My uploading rights were revoked for 6 months, now it's 8th month and no one helps

Hi all,

I am a Motion graphics contributor and my rights to contribute were revoked saying that you need to work on video quality and after 6 months you will be able to contribute. It is 8 months past now but there is no update from the team. I asked for updating the status and I have been following up on this since last 15 days. They asked me to fill out a lengthy form, I did. Still they are not responding.

Could you please help.

Hey there @PeppyGraphics, sadly the forums can’t help much in these situations, but, did you try to get in touch with Envato Help and Support and ask them about the status of your form? They always reply to tickets, that’s a fact!

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Hello, same problem for me . I sent the 10 previews files 5 weeks ago , and no changment on my statut…The support said me that it may be very long…it’s very discouraging ( sorry for my frenglish…)

HI There,

Thank you for your advice and response. Yes, they do reply but unfortunately, I am getting the same response from last three months that we are still reviewing your account. I mean they told me they will be doing it 6 months, now it’s been more than 9 months they are still not giving me uploading rights. I dont know why. they are not even explaining. they just say" we are reviewing".
Do you suggest I must escalate the issue? and if yes, they how? Would you suggest asking on social media?

Thanks in advance.