My Track has been rejected...



I don’t know why my track has been rejected.
Please give me your direct opinion, suggestion, comment.

Thank you in advance.

here’s my track [Take it easy]


-Whistling is not recorded live, do not make such a melody basic. At the very beginning, the whistle sounds in solo. The first few seconds of the track is the first impression of it, and the listener hears a sampled whistle.
-It is difficult to determine the genre: whether it is a “happy” track, whether it’s reggae. Electro-organ only adds genre of confusion
-The arrangement is a little scant.Perhaps it’s worth adding the Piano and live drums to switch your attention from acoustic guitars and whistles.
Listen to the top tracks in this style. Do not try to copy, just notice what instruments are there and what roles they have


Whistling sounds totally fake. This alone is enough for a rejection. The fake guitars don’t help either. There is a lot of quality real recorded stuff here already so I would stay away from bad samples.

Good luck.