Help! "hard reject"

Hi guys,
I have submitted my new music and obviously it was rejected.
I need help in giving me some direction.

Thank you so much

Hey) I can tell you the main reason of reject - it is the unnatural whistle (or smth that looks like whistle). Unnatural whistling usually comes to reject. The second reason is too repetetive instrumental. There is no changes in arragement, it sound like the same in every moment. Good luck and best regards:)

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I think whistle samples are alright, but you really need to work on them. Change them to another one, or just put your notes within 1 octave or just closely to most natural sound of them. Have to agree with repetitions, you need to vary your melody a bit, add some other instruments. Shorten your track a bit could also help to not bring bore to listener . Well i’ll also add that you need to add more background loops or instruments (for example some acoustic guitar rhythm would sound nice). I hear like 4-5 tracks in main hook which is definitely not enough for good production, but be careful to not overdo. Anyway melody sounds nice, keep up working mate and good luck with it! :wink:

I think you guys are right. Thank you very much