My theme was rejected. Feedback needed.



Hello, what are your opinions about my photography HTML5 Bootstrap theme which was rejected?
The preview is here:


Your themes was rejected because problem spacing, typography, colors more better, etc your need practice more html :slight_smile: regards.


Hi there!

I have to be honest, your item is really bad :frowning: Sorry to tell you this but it seems to be done in a rush. Any design, typography, spacing or hierarchy rules isn’t respected or met.

  • As a One Page template, it needs to be perfect(as there is one .html file file only), from any point of view, but this is not;
  • Improve line-height on paragraphs, font-weight on headings;
  • Icons used are really bad, too big;
  • No typography hierarchy.

Don’t know, while I’m trying to give you a constructive feedback, I think this template needs to be redone from scratch.

First of all try to accommodate yourself with the level of quality from this marketplace. Learn how to design and use typography, spacing or hierarchy from or



Hi, Thanks for the feedback! Now I know what to focus on, the next theme will be much better. :slight_smile:


more photography templates are free and better than yours , sorry for that.
What i got?
*Logo is too bad
*Font used is not going with your theme category
*Increase font weight of each section title
*Why this “Client’s opinions” is not look as a title
*On gallery filter, Why each category has a link,that makes a problem when user want to get back clicking on previews navigation button you can test to get me (If u r programmer u dont need to pass data-filter attribute to URL you just put it in a global varible to aviod this prob)

  • Client’s opinions sction looks bad on device
    and more
    Good luck , Kamal.


The desin looks poor even for free item, no wonder it was rejected.