Html Template Got Rejected For No Reason

another html template got rejected, i worked really so hard for this one , can anyone help me and tell me wheres the problem .?

this is the Template

No doubt that you worked hard on it, but it still looks like it needs a lot of work. The layout is pretty standard, and there are hundreds if not thousands of templates that already look pretty similar. Most of the rollover effects aren’t done very well, they’re either too slow, aren’t consistent, or are just not needed in the first place. Take a look at the “Our Project” section, the black box flying in from the side doesn’t make any sense, it’s way too slow, and some of the boxes go outside the image bounds.

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thank you for your reply sir ,i appreciate it . i have 2 question :

  • what can i do now ? create another new template or just make some update to this template ?
  • you said “The layout is pretty standard” , so what kind of layout should i work on ?

i forgot to say this also , you said " and there are hundreds if not thousands of templates " , it’s sounds unfair for me , they accepted the others and not mine , at least they should give the true reasons , maybe it’s not the template , it’s the documentation or something else :confused: ?

@mgscoder any help please ?

I have saw your item design isn’t unique all of section area are common design try to create unique & aesthetics hope your item will be approved.

Unfortunately you won’t get feedback when there are either too many issues or they are too general matters to ensure that they are clear.

  • There’s not much original or premium features

  • Typography need the most work esp the font choices, consistency and styling

  • There are inconsistency throughout in spacing, fonts, alignment

  • Mobile optimisation needs significant work in several places

ty @charlie4282 for your reply , can you give me an example of “There are inconsistency throughout in spacing, fonts, alignment” ? please !

ty sir for your reply :heart:

Here you will find about Spacing & alignment Issue details,

i read that before , but still i’m sure that the Spacing & alignment in the template is good

  • Space in top/bottom is 120 px
  • Space between section title and section content is 60 px
  • Space between p,span,a and heading tags between 20 - 30 - 40 px

correct me if i’m wrong please

I can only do it off a phone at the moment but as an example look at:

  1. the volume of different fonts used between the blog post preview and the footer

  2. top and bottom padding of each section

FYI I know it’s common but I don’t get why have blog previews but no post detail page

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from the answers above , i can say that Themeforest no longer accept template that’s are not " unique "

i really read a lot of articles about the font combinaison but it appears i need more work on it
for the spacing :

  • padding of each section top/bottom is 120 px
  • Space between section title and section content is 60 px
  • Space between p,span, and heading tags between 20 - 30 - 40 px
    I worked with ruler for exact spacing


Your design is too basic problem spacing, typography, need improvement colors, etc but you need practice more for approved in themeforest, regards.

hi ty for ur reply , about “spacing, typography, need improvement colors,” an exmple plz =) ?

It’s not just font combos (although not a fan of the harsh main font used) it’s also about volume of fonts and how/where they are used

Again just on phone but you definitely need to check the optimisation, padding and spacing

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aah i see now , thank you , u said “spacing, typography, need improvement colors,” you talk about the font size ?
also , can i fix this problems and re submit the item ?

you need change typography, spacing etc all pages and sections.

ty for taking ur time and send me screenshot i really appreciate it , maybe your right about typographie need more improvement, but about the spacing in header or menu i can’t agree with u , cause i see a lot of template on Themeforest doing the same thing in the menu !! correct me if i’m wrong