My Template Is rejected

Hello sir,
My Html template got rejected.
any advice or feedback will be greatly appreciated.
this is Demo: VIVAZ

Sorry but with respect this is a long way off the necessary standard.

  • design fundamental basics all need work e.g. typography, margins, padding, alignment etc

  • the design needs modernizing

  • it needs more features, elements and attention to details to compete

  • the landing page doesn’t link to demos on mobile at all

Thank you @charlie4282
If modified this
Were accepted?

No, you can’t modify and submit a rejected template again. I think its better to have a look at the top selling and trending templates to get an idea of acceptable standards and then make a new template.

Good luck.

It needs so much development and improvement that you are probably bette off familiarising yourself with the standards as @YDirectionThemes said and starting a fresh project