My recent submission got rejected

Hello fellow developers,

After working for months with hard work & effort, I submitted my new item to codecanyon yesterday. but very unfortunately, the submission was rejected without any feedback.

I am wondering because,

  • I have tested my application well
  • I have written super clean code.
  • I have created a nice preview image.
  • And I used the correct tags.

Can you guys help me out with what I missed?

Demo URL:

Admin Account
password: 12345678

User Account
password: 12345678

Documentation: Introduction - Material Hub - Laravel eCommerce Marketplace

You would need to share the demo link if you want proper feedback.

What about documentation?

@charlie4282 I have updated the post with the demo URL & documentation URL.


please add. proper data and animation in it so it will look better

Thank you

@metricstack Do you think it is the only issue for this hard rejection? and is it okay to resubmit this item with proper data?