My purchase code is invalid

Hi, My purchase code is invalid , i have this message…
License is already active on maximum allowed product instances, please deactivate this license from active instance(s) and try again!


Did you already register it previously? Either way… contact the author of the item an they should be able to help.

I licensed it to my domain. I had to delete the content of site and install it again, and this time it started to give license error. domain has not changed. and when I tried to send tickets for help, they said my support period was over. this is unfair.

This is the reason you are facing issue with license re-registration. Because your license code already used and saved belongs to that domain.

You should to unregister the license first then remove/delete. In this way you will be able to re-registration the license again.

Now you must have to get support from the item author and request them to deregister the license so that you can register again using the license code (purchase code). You can try to contact them using the Item Comments page and post a comment and politely request them to assist you.


Thank you so much sir, i will.