Help license

Hello, the license of the product I purchased is invalid, how can I get a new license?


You mean the purchase code? I don’t think you need a new one, unless you are using the theme on another website, case in which you need indeed to purchase the theme again.

What is the theme you talking about? What is the exact error you are getting?

I used the purchase code, but I changed the server, I re-installed

Please someone take care of me

I used the purchase code I received, but I deleted it, I reinstalled another vps-server, the purchase code is invalid

Please update the purchase code

Hi @ilhanantepli

for solving purchase code or item license issue will need to get support from the item author. They (author) are the right team to help. you can contact item author through item comments page or author profile page or best option is through item support page.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


Thank you bro

If it’s the current license code which is not working then please get in touch with support however if you are looking forward to have the product to upload to another new install then you will need another new license code.

Hello, how is the theme update

Update new version