My PSD Template Hard Reject citing quality reasons

I am seller on Envato for few years now but this was my first item on Themeforest.
I submitted PSD Template for Mobile App yesterday and within 5 mins I received an email saying my item is rejected because it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward

Here are links to some of the screenshots of my design.

I hope some of the experts here will guide me what went wrong in design of this file. as this is my first on Themeforest and first in PSD template, its quite discouragement.
Any and all feedbacks are appreciated.


Since that rejection came so blazingly fast, I would assume the reason could be that you messed up something during the upload. Like you haven’t upload all the files correctly or something like that.

However it is also possible you just got lucky and there was no queue and the design was simply not good enough for the reviewer. I am not really familiar with the PSD apps category, but this doesn’t really feel premium enough to me to be honest.
Hopefully someone more at home in this category will give you a better feedback.

Thank you so much @LSVRthemes
I appreciate your time to reply here.

Yeah that can be a case where their auto-mated alogs detected that I have few files missing and that can be one of the reason.

Thank you!