My psd is soft rejected, please help me!!!!!!!! I not have idea, I bad understand english

Hi to all:

My psd is soft rejected message:

This is definitely an improvement, however much of the smaller text still needs improvement. Some of the body text is blurry. Focus on improving the font weights from headers to body (some of the smaller text appears too heavy) and improving the line height.


Please help me, it’s urgent I need resubmit my template psd thanks.

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Hi JeriTeam,
This is a nice template in general,
but like the reviewer said : you have to improve your text apperance, add the gray color in subtitles, try to add some space between lines (I mean line-height), it’s important to give your template some breathing space, most of templates are rejected because of margin and padding :slight_smile:
The color in Newsletter subtitle is not the same as the rest of other subtitles.
Good luck my friend :wink:

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@celtano where margin and padding my template? please help me thanks

@celtano do you have skype or facebook? please give me your id thanks :slight_smile:

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I sent you FB request my facebook :slight_smile:


Typography requires improvement in the following aspects:

Color and contrast as there are sections where it has a lot of contrast that damages the eyes.

The weights of the sources have necessarily to be reconsidered, both in the head and in the body. And so get an arminia for the overall design.

You need to play more with font types, weights, color, contrast and size.

Keep up the good luck.

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Many thankssssss :smiley: I solved it regards.

@TexTheme a question, how i can improvement typography?

The only way to improve on “something” is to practice.

Read the above message carefully and begin making the necessary changes.

Revice existing content in TF and look for the difference.

Only when you can see the fault can you improve.

It’s very close to getting approved

Best regards

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Thanks, I will change typography easy to ready I will fix it regards :slight_smile: