My .psd is soft rejeced, please help me, thanks



Hi to all:

Please help me, my .psd is soft rejected on themeforest, my error .psd information:

  1. MAIN IMAGE: The main preview needs to be 590px * 300px. I also needs to be prefixed with 01_ (e.g. 01_preview.jpg).
    You can provide additional preview images and they must be in JPG format. All images must be named in the order that you want them to appear: e.g. 01_preview.jpg (main preview), 02_home.jpg, 03_about.jpg.
  2. TYPOGRAPHIC HIERARCHY: The typographic hierarchy of this item requires additional work. For more information, please read:…/understanding-typographic-h…
  1. SPACING ISSUES: Many of the elements in the template are not aesthetically spaced.
  2. COLOR PALETTE: The chosen color palette requires additional work. For more information, see:…/an-introduction-to-color-th…
    my .psd below images preview, thanks.


please help meeeeeee, it’s urgent!!!


Hi there,

So for what point you need assistance? :slight_smile: , For all of them? As I see many of them are perfectly explained.

Looking forward to your reply!


Hi: I need help me fix soft rejected my template I don’t know it :frowning: , I many times soft rejected come my email if I wrong again my template .psd I will rejected :(, I am worry thanks.


Every soft rejections email helps you improve your template to make it ok for sale on the marketplace. By not solving each point from rejection mail you get every time a new soft rejection.

###Below you have a quick description for each point from your rejection mail:

  1. Your preview images are wrongly named. You should prefix them as follows: 01_preview.jpg, 02_homepage.jpg, 03_single_blog.jpg and so on.

  2. You need to improve the typography from your item(fonts/ sizes, line-height). Try to be consistent with paragraphs. This is the main problem I see on your item. If you check the link provided by the reviewer you will understand how to deal with the importance of the elements on page (hierarchy);

  3. There are a lot of spacing issue with your template:

    Quick example: The heading needs to be more prominent than the paragraph(hierarchy of elements rule);

  4. Carefully check all sections from your template. all of them has spacing issues.
    Example: top/bottom space not equal

    Another one:

    Another one:

    Tip: If you are a Photoshop designer, use the ruller tool to measure all spacings!

  5. The color palette is awful, sorry to tell you this :slight_smile:
    Many sections are boring, for real:
    Add some sort of image background here:

    And there are a lot of basic design issues.

Try to take some time checking approved items and accommodate yourself with the level of quality from the market. This will help you improve your skills, trust me!


Many thanksssssss, my wrong spacing :frowning:, I think that I need learning better more spacing, regards.


I understand. Skills are getting improved in time, if you invest in yourself by reading tutorials, checking approved items and many other possibilities.

Good Luck with your item. When you complete the feedback you can post the update here :slight_smile: for another feedback.