I got PSD soft rejected but don't clear where and what to improve

Hello Everyone,
I’m new at themeforest. So I need to learn all standard quality design and technical requirements. I got 2 soft rejections for one item. First outlined may be I was clear but now I’m not clear. I attached screenshot. Please help me to find out what and where need to improvements. It is re-submission soft rejected.

Please help me.
Thanks in advance.


I have saw your item soft rejection issue message.

  1. You have to keep a unique name for your item then first issue will be solved
    Here you will find helpful article about Item Title & Description
  2. Improve your preview image quality = This is called Preview Image http://prntscr.com/oglaci
    And Preview image have spelling error/mistake solved that then resubmit again hope your item will be approved

Hope Helped!


agree with the solution of @unlockdesign in addition please make sure your overall all things so that no spelling errors exist. In this case your new Title/name should reflect everywhere you have used title/name. So, please check your full upload.


Hello Sir, thank you so much for your kind reply. I updated preview image in 2nd submission. Also I checked all spelling errors, but I don’t clear where is the spelling errors.

BTW, I don’t used any logo in my template. Is this a reason of feel of item? Or should I need to add some new pages as I described that, “This template made for Freelancer, Designer, Software company…etc”. Or should I change the Design Layout or anything in Design.


You don’t have any design issue.
You can post your preview image and item title at here.
I will try to help you to solved it.

Thank you Sir for your kind and quick reply. I submitted after Title and Preview image changes. But I got this message


In that reason i said that post your item preview and title right here(Envato Forum)!


This is Home Page

I used this feature image and here I mentioned that who can use this template. May be this is not enough for all of those as I wrote in feature image.?

Fariha – Personal Portfolio & Resume PSD Template

Remove this three display http://prntscr.com/ogr1s5
Make it simple preview it is not looking good !
Dark-Red & Sea Green not looking good together make a simple theme preview
Remove feature image right now upload it later/after approved

you can keep simple preview like this http://prntscr.com/ogr3f9

Your Title is looking okay after making preview change you can try again hope approved

Here is not looking good also http://prntscr.com/ogr5fm

Many thanks. Really appreciated your help. It’s my first PSD item for themeforest. I have few items in Graphicriver approved.

So I don’t need to change anything in main PSD file, right?

Yes right do not need to change anything on your main PSD layouts :slight_smile:

Hello Sir,
Just got approved!:smile:
You’re Great!
You helped me a lot.
Thank you so much. I’m very happy that I found you.
Have a Great Day!
Here is the link:

Fariha – Personal Portfolio & Resume PSD Template

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Congrats! Happy to hear that.
Item name is enough !
item link is looking little self promotion that is prohibited at Envato Forum

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Thanks again to noticed me. You’re Great!