My PrestaShop module got rejected. I am confused why.


I am a new author at this market. I have worked for some company as a developer who sells here but this is my own profile where I want to start selling my own items.

I had uploaded a prestashop module yesterday named “Temporary Login Access for PrestaShop”. The functionality of the module was to create a temporary employee account with which a user can log in to the PrestaShop site. The account is associated with an expiry date which changed the password on that date so that after that day the user wont be able to log in with that email and password.

That way the site stays secured. One does not have to go to the hassle of changing password everytime he or she gives someone access to that account.

But the module got rejected by the review team. I have checked it, it works and fully bugfree. There is no commented out codes also. And it surely meets all the requirements.

Can anyone help me with it? I am so confused.

Looking forward to your help guys.

Best Regards
The Enumbin