Rejected My Prestashop module with so much parameters to configure [My opinion about this]]



Hi all,

the reason that I have begun this topic is because I am very very sad and frustated about How Codecanyon staff have manage my item uploaded and with hard rejected.

I take about 2 years being a memeber of this community. I have bought about 22 items Prestashop modules, I have found with very professional modules and with very very low quality modules and without complying with the features in the description module, however these modules have been approved by Staff.

Even I bought a module that It doesn’t work because code was wrong, and I had to send a message the developer in order to change the code. However, this module was approved by the staff…OMG! Have they really tested that module?

I going to put some examples of items bought and they shouldn’t have been approved:

1.This popup module, the developer put that it was MULTI-LANGUAGE ready, but It was not true, and He deleted this feature from description after I sent him a message in comments. However this item was approved from staff without complying with the features in module description, Good job staff!! ironically speaking…
The developer never returned my money and nothing happened about this. He promised me to add this multi.language feature in two month…reaching one year and this feature hasn’t been added…

2.This QR module has been designed by the same developer of the previous item. It is very very simple module with short code lines in php. Maybe a child could build this module. But the worst has been that this module have a wrong code, therefore It doesn’t work once installed. I realized about this bug and I sent a message to the developer to change the code with the suitable code that It works. The developer one more time, promised me that he would change the code…but never did it!!.
BUT this item was approved by the staff!!! It is so frustating!!! really has been tested???

3.This is not a module, It is a very very simple email templates, in fact you have to edit all templates manually If you have two language or more in your shop. Actually, the developer have designed a example email templates with own design. If you want to edit the templates, you will spend more time that the developer has spent building it… So It it no useful for customers. But surprisingly IT WAS BEEN APPROVED by the staff and this module? or better named template is on sale with similar price as Premium modules built in complicated code.

However, after this experience in this community I decided to biuld my professional Prestashop module, my module is a Tinymce editor for Prestashop with full configuration page where customers can configure all advanced parameters of Tinymce editor, two languages (spanish and english), and complying with all features that It promises. This module have more features, more plugins, new skins, and It is built in a lot of code lines in php file with many configuration tables. I spent one month building it.
In codecanyon, there is not a Prestashop module for Tinymce editor, for that I thought my module would be a great opportunity. However, It has been REJECTED by Staff, with HARD Rejected. They said me that the idea is very good but this does not meet the minimum requirements to sell in this community. OMG!! but the rest modules described above…YES??

For that I want to express my HIGH FRUSTATION here after being member during 2 years…and after buying 22 items here.

From this moment I will build my own website to sell my items directly to my customers without fees and without illogical approval procedures as is doing here.

Best regards and sorry for my big message.