Need suggestion about my item that got rejected.

Hello Everyone

I submitted a PrestaShop module to let users show the minimum price within 30 days before the promotion and it got rejected. It is a potential module since EU Omnibus Directive is applying this consumer law to eCommerce websites.

They say the module did not meet there requirements but I checked and everything works perfectly. What am I missing?

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!!!

Most likely the features of the extension is not good enough to be sold as premium item

Same kind of product is already available on CC. I brought more features to it and they are rejecting it.

No idea why.

Most likely those items are at least few years old.

No. That is also a new item. That was released on april 2022 I have analyzed the market for this product.

I dont understand what is happening.

The features you’re offering may not be something new/good enough as you stated there’re similar items already.

Okay, I understand. So I need to think and implement some more features to the module right?

Thanks for the help.

hi sir,
Submits are getting rejected very easily lately, and I don’t know why!
I am often rejected now