My PHP Script Rejected need suggestion. Please help

I uploaded my first item popup login and register script but got rejected by saying “We found it is not at the quality standard”
Need suggestion and want to know what went wrong…
My Demo Link: Popup Login or register by Ajax
Login email: | Password: demo


Price: $10

Description what i added in during upload:

Need to know what quality issue was in this project.
Please help

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There’s nothing on the demo. If the all script was " to login " , people can use WordPress instead ( for free )

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Hello friend ,
I have reviewed your work, with the utmost respect for your effort. This is my humble opinion:

  1. The design is quite cool.
  2. The operation function is pretty bad.

Since your project is (only) about the login process, the most important condition for your project in evato has been lost, which is that your project has unique features that qualify it for sale. For your project it’s as simple as anyone can get a script like it (for free) or use wordpress!

Advice from me:
Develop this script more and quote some ideas from those who preceded you by publishing something like it in the codecanyon platform.

All the best, and we wish you more success