My one page HTML template has been rejected

Dear sir,
I had created a one page and multi pages HTML template but has been rejected and the review team announces that it can’t be resubmitted again. Please review and help me to improve my skills so that I can meet the minimal standard. According to them, my template doesn’t meet the standard.

With respect (can only see it on mobile for now) this is not at the necessary standard.

That is a super competitive category and you need to review design fundamentals esp. colours, typography, and hierarchy

Many many thanks for your valuable suggestions. I would try to overcome the blunders I have made. Kindly review my site for further deep observation and analysis. I would be very grateful to you. Thanks again and wish you good luck.

  • header needs work on spacing

  • slider would work better annotated

  • the about content in the footer is too much for that area

  • the photo categories e.g. weddings should ink to the relevant content likewise portfolio should open as light box or more info

  • contact form looks inserted and like it doesn’t belong with the rest of the site styling

  • the fundamentals esp. hierarchy, styling and typography (more than anywhere in the staff sections) needs lot of work

  • probably worth having a one page and a multi page version

I agree with you completely and thankful to you for your detailed and valuable review. I would follow your instructions and hope to meet the targets. Thank you again.
yours truly
Noman Ghafoor

Dear Sir,
I have done some work on my template to improve its designing following the fundamentals of web design. Please review it and make comments so that I can know the present standard of my template.
I would be very grateful to you for you kind review.
Yours truly
Noman Ghafoor