My new idea design psd, I hope that is ok (but I am not sure)

Hi to all:

@unlockdesign @OctaTheme

Please give me feedback because I need make more pages, regards.

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Not bad!
I would suggest more interesting icons for the header menu.
Typography could be certainly improved, it just doesn’t feel premium enough.
The footer needs a major overhaul, right now doesn’t look good at all.
Overall, it looks interesting, you just need to polish it more before you move to other pages (I mean feel free to move to other pages, but definitely come back to homepage to improve it).

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Thank you so much, I will fix some :slight_smile:

which category item this one ?

chothes for only women

I think you need more improvement on design also take a look on this page about newest approved item design quality and get idea.

I know but this is my idea is ok or some error?

Starting is good but finished isn’t! :frowning:

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Thank you so much, I will fix some say like @LSVRthemes and you.


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Footer design is looking poor or old. this typography isn’t easily readable even i think need to improve your item body typography also

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I will change fonts better used.


Other ask… do I can used 3 fonts for psd?

why not but remember have to make your psd qualified.

Years ago he uploaded my psd he used 3 fonts he gave me soft rejected I think he needs 1 or 2 fonts but I’m not sure at all that’s why I asked you questions because I don’t know this year 2020 something has changed revisions.

Hello @JeriTeam

I’m afraid your project is not ready to be accepted yet, it needs a lot of improvements in aesthetic terms. I always try to emphasize that you are trying to present a project for TF. and it has to be of high quality to compete with premium projects.

Many believe that there is a tutorial to increase the quality, it is not so simple, that takes time and effort, so I recommend that you continue working and learning actively.

Good luck with work


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I know but sometimes I don’t feel like working, it gave me messy laziness my page but I can improve my page psd

@LSVRthemes @unlockdesign

now yes it’s better my design?

Better, but still not ready. Spend more time on it, don’t rush it.

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