Now yes my design Dinosaur is better or yet not?

Hi to all:


My design now is very better style? :slight_smile:
or yet not?

Thank you so much, regards.

There are also some other issues with the design basics like spacing which mean it would not be approved regardless but with respect this is still entirely generic.

Take the dino pics/icons out and change the logo and it could be a restaurant, an agency, or just about any other category.

When people say make it more category relevant (as just an example - adding this will not make it approvable)

  • if you had a slider or gallery of dinosaurs…

  • using image hotspots or tooltips to provide more info on the unique features of each dinosaur

  • with pop-up facts about each one

  • with social sharing that creates bespoke posts about that dinosaur

  • a link to a video/special exhibit offers/landing page to find out more

This, again just as an example , is something that is uniquely relevant to the topic and not just a generic feature that belongs in any free template using a different image or title.


This is even worse than previous one. Why don’t you stick with these two?

They are MUCH better than this dinosaur one. What is even the aim of this design? Lizard people?
My advise is get back to one of these two designs and work on it. If you will keep asking for feedback on a brand new design every week, people will grow tired helping you. Try to be more critical of your work. You don’t have to share every concept you make. You already have some approved PSD, so you got the skills. Just use it.

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Yes my design is basic but I need make more pages if my design is ok homepage.

I’m agree with Charlie.
I’m little bit upset about you!! long time even more then me you are in this marketplace but you still don’t study ! :frowning: about market standard don’t get me wrong.i said before start a project research about envato market that category you want to make.

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Sorry, I understand this… please CLOSED this forum thank you.

Build your home page first then try other pages!

Yes, I will upload here one home page if is ok I will make more pages. Thank you.

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Now yes? but I am not sure, this is a website category agency.

Please help me thank you so much, regards.

You have literally just proven our point - you changed the images and the titles and it’s gone from a dinosaur template to an agency template. It is too generic.

FYI - when a design or template has issues you cannot fix that in a few hours. It is not about finding sticky plaster resolution, it is about understanding why the first one was wrong and how best to resolve it properly and going forward.

As was mentioned earlier you are in danger of driving people away from being willing to help with repetitive, rushed, half-built attempts. You would be much better off designing a complete template (if you need validation form one page then this is not the right category for you), and asking for advice on the full product.

We, ourselves warned you several times in the past that jumping from one category the the next and shifting between designs or items is the single worst thing you can do. We would strongly urge you to remember that advice.

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Sorry for misunderstanding you but now I do understand you very well. I am fixing some template other day I will be upload page homepage. Thank You.

Man, just learn basics of design, typography. It is not about which new tools or techniques do you use it is about understanding design itself. From example to example you are making same basic mistakes.

I am women :slight_smile: I don’t am man sorry :slight_smile:

I not finish my design because I need make more pages as 10 pages but don’t homepage only because not good sales. do u understand me? thank you.

Sorry about, Man/Woman thing) So, Madame, I strongly recommend you to learn basics of design/typography first. This will potentially bring you much more success in future.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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