My item has been rejected, someone please help me

Hi everyone,

My Php script got rejected again. The reviewer “found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”. I’m confused now and do not know how I can increase the quality of my item.

Superadmin: superadmin
Password: 1234

I am not a reviewer, i am author here.
My applications also got rejected many times. Just don’t loss hope.
Your script workd good.

  1. Please fill some valid data before uploading to review.
  2. Can you make template color more attractive ?. If so please try to do that.
  3. Try to use server side datatables for faster data processing.
  4. Reviewer also test installation process of your application.
  5. Application include well documentation.
  6. And main thing your application failed in XSS attacks.

Hope my opinion helps to you.
All the best for your next submission.

Hello Sir, Thanks for your suggestion. last time i am submit this version u-superadmin / p-1234. But within 5-10 minutes my item was rejected. Well documentation and automatic installer provided. Provide any suggestions.

Please review my last comment.