PHP Inventory application rejected 5th time

I am author on codecanyon, my application repeatedly rejected 5th time.
Reason: Item not at the quality standard

Demo Link:
Username: admin, Pass: 123456

Please suggest to maintain quality, your suggestion helps me to make it better.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Site can’t be reached

Sorry i have changed subdomain name,
Please check this link.
Demo Link:
Username: admin, Pass: 123456
Your suggestion is very important for me,
help me to make it perfect.
Can i change the complete item ? or i need to work on the existing item with new features ?

Thank you

I took a look on your website, and i will be honest it already need more work on design, because in php scripts the competition is very hard!
Good luck

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The same case. Hope you can solve it bro.

@TodoCode @mediastori thank for your valuable suggestions, i work to make its good design.
Thanks again

You have to put in some more extra efforts to make it look and work in a better way

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I don’t see a design problem

When you get a rejection email, they’ll say why, a reason.

Also, is that soft or hard reject?

What is the reason you received in the email?

You have to listen carefully to what they say


@promotionking Yes, i try to make its better look, please suggest if any other improvements need in my application. Thank you for your kind support

@crivion Thank you for your comments,
I have received rejection email in last 5 days back i tried many times to upload with modification, again received same rejection email.
Reason of rejections is this (Its a hard rejected)
“item isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”
It’s very hard to understand the rejection reason.
Please suggest me what should i improve in application ? or i need to leave this application ?
Thanks & best regards

There are a lot of suggestions and good things which you can implement

Please use your own logic’s and try to add something cool into your application. Otherwise there are so many customers who are selling scripts with great features so why would anyone would like to buy from from !!!

Obviously if you have great features in your system then only then you will have chances to sell them more

@promotionking Yes, i understand your point, i will add new features. Thank you so much for your suggestion.

Most welcome

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Ahh, that means a hard reject - take care, if you send it again multiple times, your upload rights will be suspended.

When you get a quality standard message, it means that the code doesn’t comply to best practices.