my item got Hard rejected without any explanation

I tried to upload another laravel project (TanzaWHM - automatic web hosting billing and management system) but first they said i have to include demo link(soft reject) I did and resubmit again but they said my project is insecure (XSS) this was hard reject, I did fix that proplem and resubmit again but this time was hard rejected without any explanation and I didn’t take even 1 min😔

demo link.
login details:
username: demo
password: demo1234

Assuming all the security and other issues are resolved - this is just a website, suitable for a host to use to market their service right? That is incredibly niche for a stock marketplace and I cannot imagine a hosting company not being able to compile their own website

yes, it is for web hosting companies to manage their clients, billing and it’s automatic system where clients can order new hosting or domain services etc, but i don’t know what i did wrong😔

Again this is assuming the issues raised before are entirely corrected.

The design is ok (could be a bit more modern) and there’s plenty of good features there.

Market suitability is a big component of review and I think that the security issues raised before will not have helped but also I can’t imagine a web hosting company would look on a stock marketplace at a sub $100 item to manage their clients and business.

is this means it’s not allowed on codecanyon?!

It’s not that it would not be allowed - just very very difficult to get approved without being flawless and offering something very unique.

Also there’s the potential of sales being incredibly small which does not suit the market