My Item again got Hard Reject. Please, anyone, help me

my every template got hard rejected. could you help what I am doing a mistake?
I am doing hard work. Somehow my work will be accepted.
it is a URL ( ) of my item.


Your html is basic not premium.


  • Too spacing

  • Typography

  • Animations

  • Colors

You need practice more for approved html themeforest.


I will take care of next time. and thank you for helping me.
Thanks for the feedback, JeriTeam.

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I took a look on NIKXON website and it looks very nice - beautiful design, responsive and the option to change color theme. So I am not sure what he have done wrong:

  • Can you please elaborate his mistakes? what do mean by typography?
  • I think that his Animation on the site are very good? What is the problem.
  • The same with colors. NIKXON has nice design and the option to change color theme. What is the problem?
  • Is there a role guide? Can you please add a link?

thank you very much, I would love to learn from NIKXON mistakes.