My HTML Template Late So much

my html in review for 4 days . what is the reason . in envato quality they say it take 3 days . Is just an estimate based on recent reviews.

It’s not guaranteed. Can be influenced by numerous things. Rarely includes weekends.

You can always share your demo link here to get feedback from the community if you want in the meantime.

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this is my Template

Its just me or the font awesome icons are broken?

This is Themify icons - it work for me

Well they are all broken for me


this is big problem.
it may be hard reject.
is template good?

I think, with respect, you would be very lucky to avoid rejection.

  • As @Stachethemes said the icons are not working

  • The concept is very overdone and lacks any noticeable premium value or features

  • There are fundamental issues es. the typography

  • Always raises questions when there is another elite authors’ info in the website code