My first item got rejected

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I just finished my GraphicDesign studies in Vancouver, Canada. Now I returned to Switzerland and while looking for jobs I was determinded becoming an author here on envato. Unfortunately my first uploaded project got rejected and I have no clue why - the message was that it does not meet the quality standarts.

Is it maybe because of the overall design (I just like simple and clean approaches) or could it be because of how the layers might be grouped, named in Photoshop? (altough I really did group and name them), or can it be because I included the “free fonts” in a special folder within the Main zip file.? more often I see other authors linking the fonts towards the website where it can be downloaded.

Thank you guys for any feedback

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Your template looks fine but indeed it’s a bit too simple and carries out less information i guess.
Simple is unique but at times it is also considered as less. When you upload the item, with the psd consider adding a help.txt file where you should add the links to the free fonts that is not default.
Last but not the least, i have noticed that envato is looking for something really unique. My sibling opened an account last month but she couldn’t get any item accepted yet. But she has learned from me. So as far as I believe, you should make sure you make something that is really eye catchy and real exclusive then only maybe envato will give you a chance to get in and sell items. Good luck, your design is great but consider a bit more eye catchy. Best of luck mate :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for your feedback and the valuable tips you gave me - I will definitely try to improve the overall design to make it more eye catchy and following the design principles as well. I will also carefully look at the layered PSD file as well as finding a solution how to add the fonts. Actually it is great to be rejected due it makes “the designer” going over the project again and also thinking carefully about design principles and organization of the files itself.

Thanks again, will definitely check your work and all the best with your projects.

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