My First Item Approved - finally, I’m success!

Hello Guys,

I submitted my first theme a few days ago. It was many times rejection, this work and effort as there were some rejections, but without losing hope i worked hard to find the way towards acceptance.

Long time reaction but i never lost my hope and I really wanted to work for this cool startup. I took research after research and refer more site to approve my item, studied them and spent countless hours working on designs, wireframes, concepts, sketches and before two days I had actually been approved! My first ever PSD Template was live! “Exemplar Business Theme

It was very nice support of forum experts, with all way he suggest me and trying to push my theme get approve. Thanks to all forum team.

Thanks so much Envato, this is just the beginning for me!


Great work, GLWS

Thanks you :smile:

GLWS :blush:

Thank you :smile:

I see your works. they are wonderfull.
but I need your help
yesterday I upload an item but envato reject it.

you can see my psd tempalte in forum:

please help me. realy I need to this work and I haven’t good condition.

How can I resolve that problems
I want to upload it again…