My first GIF action got rejected. Why?



Hello there, I’m completely new to the forums, but not to Envato. I just come here to get some feedback on a Photoshop action I made. With this, you can add a sketchy outline filter to your images, or just a water distortion effect.

Let’s start with a photo:

After running the action, you got something like this:

If you enable the “Grayscale” layer, you can play with the colors to give your photo a more sketchy look:

You can also turn off the “Overlay” layer, so only the outlines will remain:

Or turn off the whole group to achieve the water effect:

Additional preview images I made using this action:

So what do you guys think is it good enough to be accepted? I’m looking forward to your feedback!


So, I submitted this item, and it got rejected. Can anyone tell me the possible reason?


What is the use for such action? The item has to have clear purpose, and I don’t see that here. Where would you use such animated gif? You should have clear purpose for any item to be approved.


Thanks for your answer, maybe that’s the problem. However, my “Infinte Zoom” action got approved, so I’m happy with that ( ). Maybe i’ll resubmit this item as a part of my “GIF Maker” project (which will include 20+ effects and filters for making GIFs in PS).