Need a Help Why this PS Action has Rejected because of Quality Standard?

Hi everyone,
Please give me some feedback and advice about my Photoshop Action. It has been rejected.

hi i am sorry i would really like to help but honestly i am really not competent for this type of item …


I made some actions for the market

It’s simple - your action is about sketch, there is many sketch actions better than this

this is the reason.

peace :slight_smile:


Don’t try to steal or plagiarize already existed items and elements, or you can get copyright notice. Make something new or show old idea in a very new way, there is a lot of interesting ideas on the web. And do not use other author’s brushes without permission, it also a copyright thing. Make your own or find copyright-free brushes and patterns

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Thank you everyone to help me…:innocent:

you should take this more like warning not help :slight_smile:

want earn with envato? think. Play fair :slight_smile:

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