My first approvement and first sale !

I had the first approvement a week ago, and now I have my first sale. Thanks, Envato, and community!


Congratulations! :tada::confetti_ball:Awesome feeling!

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Nice, I can remember excitement when I got 1st sale, keep it up!

I got my first sale a day or so ago! Suddenly I feel like I can quit my job and book a holiday around the world!



I was about to do it, but smart people stopped me


Awesome. Describes my moment haha :joy:

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Yeah the wife stopped me!

Yes, we need to work on that)

Yes! Congrats! Keep going! :slight_smile:

Congratulations! :slight_smile: good luck with future sales and approvals! :smiley:

congratulations dude!

how long it took to you to be approved? how many rejection you got?
Im still struggeling with approvement process :frowning:

Good job bro! My congratulations!!:ghost:

Nice work, all the best for future sales!

Thank you. This is my first item that I send to Audiojungle. Before, about a year ago I started to learn audio production.

Congratulations! And you can recommend from you, for the positive approval of the downloaded music on Envato, I will be grateful.? I record the clip on a professional audio card, do the mixing and mastering. I do not understand why all my compositions are rejected by the quality standards. By recommend for the approval of music, maybe that’s what I’m doing wrong and there are possible nuances for recording music.? Thank you in advance!