First Approval 2 Days Ago - First Sale Today!

I started down the path of music production at home about 3 years ago, give or take. I’ve been playing for a long time (20+ years) but the whole making music at home thing was (and still very much is) a mystery.

Along the way I found out about stock music and I thought that it would be fun and a great way to practice my skills so I started composing… some of the first submits I made to AJ were hilarious now looking back on it (thought they were pretty good at the time though!!) but I kept trying and learning and going back to the drawing board…

Anyways, after 3 years or so, finally got an approval a couple days back and made my first sale today! Hopefully I’ll be able to keep a bit of momentum going now!

Don’t forget that any musical endeavour is ultimately a journey if you want to get good at it so don’t be afraid to keep failing until you get closer to something you’re happy with :slight_smile:


Your track is good man. It is worth to have more sales.

Congratulations. Wish you lot of nice inspiration and success.

Today is my fortieth selling… 20 years of making music and 6 years sound engineering

Congratulations dude…

congrats mate!

Congratulations. Good luck with sales.

It’s magic time :slight_smile:

Congratulation :tada: Good luck for more sales :wink:

Congrats. :boom: