My Elite Care Pack!


Just got my Elite Care Pack from Envato today. I got 2 TimTam, vegemite, a coffee cup, notebook, pen, flashdisk, and elite author t-shirt!

But “unluckily” I got an “expired” TimTam!

Anyway, thanks Envato for the gift!

Edit: Best Before date doesn’t mean it’s expired, just not in the best quality to eat.


Awesome :slight_smile:

Good luck for more sales :slight_smile:

Congrats @SingleStroke !!!
Very Cool !!!

Congratulation @SingleStroke :tada: :champagne:

Congratulations SingleStroke!!!

did you eat this ?

Hopefully the Vegemite is good to go… it’s that potent I don’t think it can go out of date. They probably found jars in the Pyramids.

Congratulations!!! I am very sad for your Tim Tam :frowning:

Congratulations @SingleStroke! Great milestone :trophy:

Congratulations, @SingleStroke! :tada:

I wouldn’t worry too much about the Tim Tams. With confectionary, a few months over the date doesn’t usually mean a lot. Plus, it’s a ‘best before’ date, not an expiry date. It just means the optimal Tim Tam eating experience has passed, but I’m sure they will still taste pretty good. :slight_smile:

Congrats again and good luck on your journey to Level 8!

Kind of disrespectful from Envato to send expired food…If you say you will say care pack - send it properly or don’t send anything, this feels like a cheap way to say “here is some crap for you but we don;t really care about you”…I remember I got my care pack a year after I become Elite author…

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Did that happen to coincide with you becoming a level 8 author?

Not yet hahahaha…

Thanks! yeah, I would try to open it and see if it’s still good to eat.

No big deal mate, just a TimTam :slight_smile:

Yeah I think so…

Congrats!!! Wish you have more sales and get more awards from Envato.

We hope will get this package soon :tada:

Eat it! and tell us how you feel :slight_smile: Congrats!

Congrats!) Very sad about your TimTam!

Chocolate!!! :heart_eyes:
Can’t wait to get there! :stuck_out_tongue: