Elite Care Pack!



Hey all,

Just wanted to share my excitement. My Elite Care Pack arrived today!

Can’t say the Vegemite will be a huge surprise as it’s already an essential in my house (had it on toast last night!), but I am looking forward to some serious Tim Tam Slammage tonight.

Cheers Envato!



Wowww, hope I can get that elite package too someday. Congrats mate! :smile: :tada:


:thumbsup: Your smile is kinda my motivation :slight_smile:


Hehe, well I hope it’s motivational enough :smile:

Seriously though; your stuff is great Aram. You’ll hit Elite in no time if you put your mind to it. Keep going.


Congrats man!!!



Congratulations James!! :slight_smile:

You deserve that!


Thank you James, I’m actually going to upload more soon and release that project that we talked about before…But hey we are both professional time-waster even tho it turns that I’m better than you in that :nerd:


Wow , lookin ’ good buddy !!! :sunglasses:


Thats cool :slight_smile: Congratulations :tada:


Such a desirable treat; such a deserving reward! Congratulations on all of your success James :slight_smile:


haha nice mate ! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I’m finally waiting mine too :slight_smile: Congrats James and keep up the great work ! Quite impressive at your age :wink: Cheers !



And I’ve got my elite status more than 1 year ago (29.12.15) - and still didn’t receive my Elite Author care pack… Who knows, maybe it wallows in a little paper boat somewhere in the Indian ocean…


Congrats! Very nice Elite Care Pack.


Thanks @Grey_Coast_Media!

Hmm… I recommend you let @BenLeong (Elite Program Manager) know and post a comment about it in this thread: https://forums.envato.com/t/elite-care-package/55153/202

Note that the care pack is only sent at Level 8, so if you’ve only hit that level recently, that could be why you haven’t received anything yet.


Hi Grey_Coast_Media. Could you me an email (elite@envato.com) about this? 2015 was before I started in this role, but I can look it up in our records to see what happened to the package.


Congrats man!

i’m just got my elite care pack today & i know how it feels :grin:


Opppsss… Sorry, I didn’t know that by replaying to e-mail the message posts in the forum thread…


Congratulations James to a well deserved treat!


Congrats AurusAudio!!!