My codeigniter script hard rejected !! 😭

Hi all,

As the title indicates, it was quite frustrating and disappointing for me that my item was hard rejected.

It’s a script built on codeigniter with a front end built from scratch and a free theme used on back end. It was basically a twist on the existing functionality. It was an article site where users can write stories and earn rewards against those. Each author / writer will get rewards against some points. Points will be calculated on the basis of user actions like views, ratings and favorites. This was all the idea in essence, rest can be explored on the link.

There could be multiple reasons it might be rejected.

  1. The idea is very useless.
  2. Any non royalty free assets used.
  3. The codebase is not standard.

But I dont think these could be the issues.

After reviewing some help articles, I found that the mistakes I made were.

  1. No documentation included.
  2. All items were on the root of project.

There could be other reasons as well.
I would be very thankful if anyone spare sometime to tell me that what have I done wrong so that my other project gets accepted. Here is the script.

user : admin
pass : 60703310


  1. It looks good, but I think the functionality is not premium enough.
    I mean, there are free products that can solve such problems.
    Consider adding more premium features.

  2. Docs - It is very important. Without documentation, the item cannot be approved.

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Is there anything relevant to design, I should consider for such product ?

I think the design is fine.
But you must understand that creating CMS bloging you have too many free competitors, such as WordPress and other.
You have to do something unique. If this is your first item, you need to try harder

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Actually it was inspired from another product which in place of points give earnings to writers in dollars. The author can withdraw money like claim for rewards in my script.
Also as a premium feature, I integrated premium story feature which can be purchased with stripe and paypal. Admin can earn commission on the premium stories by a pre defined rate.
Also it has facebook and google login integration.

Yeah I am not going after cms this time and agreed with you.
Thanks a lot for your response.