My script was rejected and I don't know why. Could you help?

Hello everyone.
My script I uploaded yesterday was rejected less than 1 day later. The incoming email was not very descriptive and I am new to this platform. Can you help with my mistakes or shortcomings?

Edited : 31.07.2022
First of all, a big thank you to everyone who helped (especially @123Simples and @charlie4282)
I tried to apply the feedback I got from you and here is the final version of the demo.

Demo URL :
Document URL : Documentation for Incore News, Magazine & Blog Script



Thank you for your help in advance. I will post this content :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community. I’m not sure why this may have been rejected but it would help to know what the email said. Other reputable authors and contributors on the forum will pop along soon and give you some valuable feedback too.

It might be something to do with your admin area, help documentation, or perhaps something is not quite right with the coding? But hang in there, and don’t give up :slight_smile:

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  • There are some nice features but the execution is letting you down

  • Typography is very mixed and needs significant improvement in consistency and hierarchy

  • Footer needs work

  • General styling feels very bland and off the shelf like

  • You should create multiple layouts for the home page, the category pages and post typesa


Thank you for the answer

Thank you for the answer. My help document is missing. I think I’ll go for it.

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The shortcomings I have identified are;
Login information to the admin panel is not included in the description.
The script has no documentation.

Could it have been rejected because of these?

Without documentation it probably was not even reviewed properly

That said, the issues listed above still apply

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Do you mind if I develop the script a little more and send it with the same name and design? @charlie4282 @123Simples

I doubt a little more is going to be enough and after a hard rejection, significant development and improvement is needed (both design and code)

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Spending a few minutes just looking again at this here are my observations:

  1. No documentation provided = failed;
  2. Without being able to login to an admin panel (and NO DO NOT GIVE OUT DETAILS on open forum posts unless you have that secured) the forum members here cannot give constructive advice;
  3. See @charlie4282 comments and finally -
  4. Social media links on your footer (especially Facebook) need looking at!

These should only go to Facebook, Insta, Twitter, etc but not to direct links associated with you, or someone else.

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I updated the title. I’m waiting for your help.
Also, I would like to experience your views, if possible; @ki-themes @mgscoder
Thank you.
All the best.

Apart from the suggestions earlier, my personal idea is if you’re not going to offer something extremely unique, your item won’t get approval even though you fix the design issues.

There’re lots of blog themes for WordPress - safer and easier to maintain, not much people would be preferring PHP Blog script as at some point, you may stop providing updates as well as integration for another system would be problem.

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First of all thank you for your answer. @ki-themes
However, I do not agree with this view. Because I have been doing these works for about 10 years and codecanyon, themeforest are the sites I visit a lot.
While starting this project, I reviewed the recently approved php scripts. If you don’t mind me giving an example;

Katerio - News & Magazine Multilingual CMS by xgenious | CodeCanyon (Approved February 2022)
Maan News- Laravel Magazine Blog & News PHP Script by maan_theme | CodeCanyon (Approved December 2021)
NewsLab - Online Newspaper And Magazine Platform by ViserLab | CodeCanyon (Approved September 2021)

Please do not misunderstand the content owners that I share. I’m not criticizing them or saying anything bad.

I’m only looking for things that the scripts I shared above do right, but what I do wrong.

I understand that not all scripts written will be accepted. However, it is necessary to be a fair platform for both buyers and sellers. This script is my 1.5 month labor. And how accurate would it be to prepare another script for the second time without knowing what I should do right?

Please do not misunderstand me. I just want to earn income from this job that I have been working on for 10 years (My developer history), that’s all.

Market standards is being changed all the time( as well as no one actually knows what’s the standards? - It’s been always up to reviewers’ opinion and if he/she’s having bad day or not :slight_smile: ) but the design from your project doesn’t look better. You will need to improve the design to get the approval - along with additional/unique features is almost a key.

As an author, I understand your concern. Design is the key.

Off that topic, I have some designs needs to be coded ( Advanced jQuery ) if you’re interested in partnership, let me know.

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That’s one thing that is not right in evanto, rejecting someone hard labor without reason, if their bank account is suddenly frozen without reason, how will they feel, I felt the developer and admins of evanto should change their mode of review. It’s odd to reject something without reason, hard rejection, soft rejection or lovely rejection and whatsoever is not enough to let the developer know what they need to correct. Coding is not a day job, takes months and weeks to make a complete plugin. Changes needed.

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Given the tens of thousands of submissions envato get (the vast majority of which are rejected) - authors will be faced with huge delays for approval of feedback is required for every item.

They could hire more reviewers, but then the cost of that needs to be passed on, and given there is no way to consistently know how many submissions would exist at any one time, it’s not a sensible business decision.

An elephant in the room - you only need to look at some of the items looking for feedback in these forums to see how far off even basic design/code standards they are…

  • it’s not envato’s job to teach people how to design or code

  • based on some examples giving even generic feedback like typography needs work etc will achieve nothing (otherwise it would be right in the first place), and only lead to more frustration and more wasted review time when/if they are unable to resolve it.

You are right in that it should be a two way street and offer mutual respect, which is exactly why envato reserve the right to uphold standards, and soft rejections exist, which coincidentally is far more than many other marketplaces who get a tiny fraction of the same number of submissions.

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@octorun - @ki-themes is right that the design and styling needs work

  • You have not really addressed the feedback from before about multiple layouts and formats for home pages, posts etc

  • Links on the nav are just the same category layout with different themes

  • About page looks empty

  • Comparing to other items does yourself no favours and by the way - the first example… (I haven’t logged into your admin) does yours have multiple home page designs? drag and drop builder? Custom guest post admin? Multiple blog layouts? Etc. etc.

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First of all thank you for your answer. @charlie4282

Unfortunately, “Multiple layouts for homepage and other content” feedback is not as quick to complete as other feedback. That’s why I’m still making arrangements about those parts.

I’ll take a closer look at the About page.

Also regarding the other items I shared, I didn’t say that those items were worse than my item. I’m not interested in evaluating it. But I try to find an average for myself, as I need to find out for myself (and with you) the reasons for my rejection.

Thanks again for your helpful feedback.
All the best.

If you want to help your cause then investing time now in getting the item ready (properly) is crucial.

Remeber if you get rejected too many times then you won’t have the opportunity to add more advanced features or functionality at all.

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See @charlie4282 reply:
"If you want to help your cause then investing time now in getting the item ready (properly) is crucial.

Remeber if you get rejected too many times then you won’t have the opportunity to add more advanced features or functionality at all."

Now he is right - it needs to be the best of the best and so patience and learning through these forums will help you. We cannot PROMISE our suggestions will help you get an acceptance, but there are authors, mods, forum members on here who will offer constructive information tips and advice.