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It would be my first sale on the site, I spent almost 10 months developing the system. And when I send the request, I receive an email that has been rejected and does not say why.

If you want feedback then you need to share your demo link here.



First, I understand your pain. This is frustrating when the results of long work were rejected.
WIth respect, there are some errors that I found:

  1. Text fish im main page -
    Here I do not understand what your product is about. It seems that you were in a hurry to finish.
  2. Design is not premium. You need more effort to be different from standard templates.
  3. 1500 items without pagination. My smartphone will break from such a load
  4. I may be wrong, but I did not see premium features. This is just user and order management system. Similar products are already available including open source.

In general, this is not bad item.

Couple of tips to move forward:

  1. Make new products on new version of the framework (this codeigniter 3?)
  2. Create unique product - his practically guarantees approval.
  3. More work on design.
  1. Last version - 4.
  2. May be. But right now I do not see anything new and unique.

Unfortunately, I cannot add anything more.

While I agree it doesn’t look great it’s also 4 years old

I was under the impression that envato were becoming increasingly difficult about this type of item and similar ones eg YouTube video downloaders etc as they are all built around fairly dubious activity like accessing people’s content or buying fake followers etc

You’d have to find one that allows for commercial use/integration but I would be massively surprised if the design quality of anything that does that is going to be particularly high end or premium

What do you think of *****?

It looks nice but

A) you need to be sure that it can be used as usually the developers behind that require specific developer licenses for use in stock items

B) you wouldn’t be able to submit anything with it looking as it does and you would need to customise it