My Birthday Party Flyer got Hard Rejection, where should I improve?

It’s my 10Th Item being rejected on Graphicriver, I give it all my time to create it, after some days I get rejection that it doesn’t meet quality standards and I shouldn’t upload again. Somebody advise

Too generic…

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Too generic means?

It’s just a photo and text. No need to purchase it as it can be done within a minute.

Thank you so much

Hello Kuwiarts, Here are some points which I would recommend you to should consider while redesigning the Flyer-

  • More Artistic aspects exploration- Try to add more designs, not only with texts but without the text try different overlays. Don’t mix up too much though!
  • Color Combo Recheck- I think along with designs you can also rethink the color combination that you have used. Instead of light blue or sky why not try a bit yellow or greenish color?
  • Filling up the Canvas- In the current one even though the design and picture looks great, there’s a bit of emptiness existing as a whole. There are many free-up spaces on both sides. Try to cover it not forcefully but properly with required designs & stuff.

Hope this helps. Have a nice day! :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is simply an awesome explanation and teaching, thank you so much earcdocuments.