My 1st Audiojungle Sound approved, Horror Cinematic logo. I'm going to cry ;)


Hi all,
just to celebrate my 1st approved song. After 5 songs rejected since months, here I am with this fantastic horror cinematic intro :smiling_imp:

So, while I’m having a party to celebrate this incredible event, can U give me your feedback about my creation?
[EDIT: Link removed to prevent self-promotion]

Thank U very much :wink:


Hey Laboo, Congratz man! :smiley: I am currently at work and cannot listen to your track but to show my support to you, I am followng you! :smiley: Good luck and wish you many sales here.

Buona fortuna! :wink:


Suspense, UFO and forest :alien: :evergreen_tree: :eyes: I like this item.


Nice track


Congrats! I still remember the thrill of the first approval, even 6 years after it happened :slight_smile:
Good luck :wink:


Congrats, it’s a great feeling when you make your first approval :smile: Hope you get first sale soon :wink:


Congrats , GLWS :slight_smile:


Congrats! Nice ident!

GLWS :slight_smile:


Congrats ! :smiley:


Yeah! First approval…first sale… it is like a new world is revealing before your eyes. Congrats and wish you many sales


Wish you many sales! :thumbsup:


Congratulations, I remember the feeling :slight_smile:


Congrats :slight_smile: Good job!


Congrats mate :wink:


Well done, @laboo! And so the journey begins! :smile:

**Pro Tip:** *Click to expand...*

Never reveal you’ve had items rejected. It’s unsubstantiated, but, there’s a commonly held thought that it could affect your reputation and put off potential buyers as they may consider your work inconsistent.




nice track!