Music license for Amazon Video

Hi everyone, I need music for a movie I want to offer for streaming (buy and rent) at Amazon Prime. Can anyone tell me which license type I need? In my understanding, “Regular” is sufficient as long as the film is not bought or rented more than 10,000 times, is that right?

You can check licenses here;

About broadcast, copy-paste here about it;

What is the difference between streaming web video and online broadcast?

Our Music Licenses define Broadcast as:

(a) Traditional television or radio broadcast (e.g. terrestrial, cable or satellite TV, broadcast radio); or

(b) Mobile or online substitutes for traditional television or radio broadcast (e.g. mobile TV, IPTV (streaming TV or video-on-demand), streaming radio)

We consider online broadcast to include online content services which distribute professional, syndicated Broadcast content, such as Netflix, Hulu, or other internet television providers.

Streaming web video is everything else, including videos uploaded to your personal or business website and on user generated content networks such as YouTube or Vimeo.

All of our Music Licenses including our base Standard Music License allow for streaming web video. With Broadcast use however, you’ll need one of our Broadcast Licenses, and there may be limitations on your allowed audience size depending on which one you choose. There are no audience size limitations for non-Broadcast streaming web video.

Thanks for the quick answer.

So do you consider Amazon Video where customers pay (not prime!) as online broadcast or streaming web?

In my opinion Netfix is “online broadcast” because viewers can watch movies without any limit. On the other hand I understand Amazon Video as streaming, because there is a payment process before watching the movie. Right?

Don´t understand, first you asked for “Amazon Prime” now you ask not for Prime, is this another doubt about licenses or the same?

I mean Amazon Video where you pay for the content. Sorry!

It’s about the licenses for Amazon Video, where you can rent and buy movies. Which license do I need there?

This could be considered as VOD (Video on demand) or streaming TV, i think “Broadcast license” is the correct.

Thanks a lot! You know where I can find out exactly I want to be on the safe side.