Music I am using in my videos, Can't monetize on YouTube

I have been using Envato music in my vlogs. There are a few videos that are showing that I can’t monetize them because of the music I am using in my vlogs. How do I find music I can use that doesn’t create this issue further?

To avoid monetization issues, consider using royalty-free music libraries like YouTube Audio Library, Free Music Archive, Incompetech, Epidemic Sound, or AudioJungle. These platforms offer music that you can use without copyright concerns, ensuring you can continue creating vlogs without worrying about future issues.

Thanks norrisjill for your prompt response. I have a premium account on Envato, and they have music available from AudioJungle as well and on top of that they have a filter option of royalty-free music, the one I am using is also royalty-free, but still, it is showing I can not monetize. Why is it so?

Copyrighted material such as music generates copyright notices. Your Envato license acts like a key to lift such a claim.

You can learn all about it there:

Hope it helps!

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The “royalty-free” label doesn’t always guarantee full monetization rights. Some royalty-free tracks might have specific usage restrictions or limitations, even if you’re using them from platforms like AudioJungle. It’s important to check the terms and conditions of each track and ensure it’s explicitly cleared for monetization on platforms like YouTube. If you’re facing issues despite using royalty-free music, consider reaching out to Envato’s support or YouTube for more specific guidance.

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