Muse template hard rejected. Help please!

Hi friends…
Last month one of our team member sent a non-responsive Adobe muse template. But it was hard rejected. If the team eccepted it, in the next week, would update to responsive. But hard rejected :frowning:
We sent 3-4 templates this year but all them were rejected.

What s the problems? Check this demo and advise us please. All advises are appreciated.

  • that link is a bit of a mess on mobile e.g. huge empty space at the top, button text split over lives, aligned on logos, etc.


  • typography is not good. Many different fonts, lack of defined styling or hierarchy, alignment etc.

  • whats the big space between ‘Lets get closer’ and the actual copy for?

  • inconsistency is spacing, padding, alignment, styling throughout

  • generally (although Muse is the one category where you might get away with it) there is nothing premium or unique about the design itself

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Thanks a lot… Friends… Any other opinion?
I need your advises…

Your design is basic, it’s my think but you need better design as say @charlie4282 regards.